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Without a doubt the best sounding coated strings available!


What do you think of Wyres?

I came to Nick @ Wyres with the quest to get me the perfect banjo strings. I run a popular music shop in downtown Toronto and have been fortunate enough to try every string out there. I've dealt with Nick for a while now and he's always been willing and more than able to tackle any string troubles I have had. We talked a bit about what I was looking for and in practically no time Nick was able to get some strings to me to try out. Without a doubt I now have the perfect and best sounding strings I have ever heard on my banjo! The tone is crisp, even, very warm and brilliant and they last a long time for banjo strings! Nick and Wyres are simply making the best strings out there! And we're working on a customized set of P.T.F.E acoustic strings for my flattop work. The Wyres P.T.F.E enhanced strings are without a doubt the best sounding coated strings available!


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