Frankie Sullivan of the rock band Survivor

Frankie Sullivan

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The hand winding is an amazing process and the results unmatched!



What do you think of Wyres?

When I tried my first set of strings from "Wyres" I was blown away by their feel. The more I played them the more impressed I became with them. Not only do they feel good, the tones that they help me achieve are amazing, and the Wyres Strings are actually easier on my fingers and do not need constant tuning. I am able skip the usual need to �pull the heck out of the strings�, which I have never liked as it effects the actual tone and sound of the string. Unfortunately, it is often needed to keep them in tune. With Wyres, I was able to play without any pre-stretch. Being a collector of many fine and rare vintage guitars, I can't wait to put them on all my guitars. I did try them on a 1962 Gibson ES-345 w/Bigbsy, never drilled for a stop tailpiece and they sounded and performed incredibly. From that moment on I was sold on Wyres being the strings for me. The hand winding is an amazing process and the results unmatched. I have to thank my mate Rob Taylor for getting me onboard early with Wyres as I firmly believe they are the strings not only of today but the string of tomorrow as well. Wyres Rule...


Frankie Sullivan is the guitarist for, and has been the only constant member of, the band Survivor since its formation in 1977.