Keith Glass

Keith Glass

Prairie Oyster, Lynn Miles, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Engineer
Guitars, Basses & Mandolin.
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Trust me - WYRES are great.



What do you think of Wyres?

As a player for over 35 years, I have used pretty much every string out there, from cheap to exorbitantly priced. So I know one thing: they all break or they lose their tone centre. The questions are: when, and how long, will they still sound good and hold pitch. I own a studio and use about 20 guitars a week. Do the math. I can't change that many strings on an ongoing basis. The WYRES P.T.F.E.'s last great on my acoustics, but to be fair, ALL coated strings work well for me. Truth told, if you can tell the difference between WYRES and any other brand ( at way more $$$ ) you are a very discerning player indeed. Trust me � WYRES are great.


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