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Superb tonal clarity and such amazing sustain!



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I started playing when I was eleven, on a 3/4 size guitar, using Black Diamond strings. At the time they were what I used, for there brightness and twangy sound, as I played through the years I used many brands, in the mid 60's trying to find a set of strings that had an un-wound third string was.imposable, So being the boffin that I am, I went the a fishing shop and bought leader wire in the gauge I wanted, and the size to, I also tried banjo strings but they were not a good fit[Too short]. Over the years I was always looking for the perfect set, gauge,long lasting, and tone.It was not until my friendship with Rob Taylor led me to Wyrestrings that I finally found what I thought was an endless journey for the perfect string for me, Wyres Strings has to be the perfect fit, I use gauge's .10,12,18,32,42,52. Without sounding like a salesman, "These strings will change your Life" I get the sustain and tone that is amazing. They give you all the highs you need without losing those lows, that for me is a must. So let the Journey begin and Change your Life, get Wyrestrings Now!!!


Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt is an American guitarist who played with Iron Butterfly and Captain Beyond.

Rhino released his solo album titled "Rhino's Last Dance," in February of 2009.