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Note to dealers

Even though we’ve been making and selling musical instrument strings for many years, our new company name, logos, product lines, sales staff and web site, etc. are most likely all new to you. We are getting rave reviews from players and dealers worldwide who have discovered Wyres. Our phones (and fax and emails) are ringing off the wall, so to speak, with more players asking where they can buy Wyres Strings. We have a very good product to sell, at a very good price and would like Wyres to be sold in your store. If you don’t already carry Wyres and would like to, please contact us for dealer information and a price list, by emailing

Many thanks to the dealers already carrying our products, for their enthusiasm and support. If your store is listed here and we have incorrect contact information for you, please send the corrections. If your store has a new web site and you would like to be linked from this site, please send your URL.

Note to Players

Don’t stop calling! We are doing our best in setting up your local music store as a Wyres Strings dealer. Send the name and address of the store you like dealing with, to, and we will contact the management to encourage them to stock Wyres. A little nudging on your part always helps!

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