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Wyres Piano Bass Strings have a number of exceptional qualities. They sound clean, musical, bright and always with a warm sound. All the strings speak with the same voice or timbre as the rest of the piano maintaining and enriching the individual character of the instrument.

Also, with Wyres Bass Strings the piano sounds larger than one would expect from its actual size. The ratio of bass string tone produced to intensity of hammer blow is better than in other bass strings throughout the volume range. Wyres Bass Strings require less hammer blow energy to achieve their full tonal bloom. This condition applies throughout the volume range, from pianissimo through a triple fortissimo.

These musical qualities, prized by amateur and professional pianists, are accomplished using techniques we have developed:

Our scaling: resulting in clear and clean partials easily excited when tenor/treble sections are played;

Use of 99.89% semi-hard copper free from any other metals (like nickel) ensuring minimal and consistently low copper deformation - an unvarying diameter along the entire string;

Our unstraightened core wire - Mapes International Gold, higher tensile strength and a more singing tone; and

Hand Winding at speeds appropriate to copper diameters resulting in maximum bonding between copper and core.
Each string is made to measure - we custom-make each bass string to the exact specifications for your piano. If you are interested in finding out more about our Piano Bass Strings, please contact us at pianos@wyresstrings.com.

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