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Ignacio Rozas Concert Classical

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Serial Number:  166 circa 1994

Born in 1943, he grew up in Mesones, Guadalajara. In his youth Ignacio apprenticed as a cabinet maker in Madrid. When Jose Ramirez found himself in need of talented woodworkers he and his foreman, Paulino Bernabe, approached Ignacio. They offered him a job that was to change his life.  He apprenticed as a guitar maker with Jose Ramirez and worked for the master from 1959 to 1969. In 1970 Rozas went to work for Manuel Careras. Careras, a former Jose Ramirez craftsman, had established his own workshop. Ignacio worked for Careras as a luthier making classical and flamenco guitars. He continued to work there for 17 years until 1987 at which point his own instruments were in such demand that he opened his own workshop.  This instrument was fabricated specically for its current owner who has used it semi-professionally for fourteen years!

Neck:  51 mm bone nut;  ebony fingerboard; Spanish cedar neck;  650 mm scale length;  true Spanish slipper-foot construction;

Frets: pristine

Body:  Western Red cedar top with Brazilian rosewood back and sides;  in excellent structural condition with superficial top wear only

Finish: original thin gloss finish has lots of superficial wear on the top and one small area approx. 1.5" diameter worn on the back (upper bass bout)

Playability/Action: set up for aggressive concert hall playing at 11/64"-14/64" with 7/64" of saddle protruding

Case: Molded hardshell case

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